Carlson Tutoring, LLC

Local Tutoring in Lincoln Park, Michigan

Carlson Tutoring: A family-owned business

Lydia Carlson

Primary Tutor

Lydia Carlson is a Michigan-certified educator of Mathematics, Spanish, and English as a Second Language. She is certified to teach at the secondary level (Grades 6-12) and loves to help students succeed. Her years of teaching high school Spanish and Math prepared her to move beyond the classroom to launch Carlson Tutoring in August 2016. Since then, she has enjoyed helping students succeed in a variety of subjects.

"I love seeing students walk out the door confident that they can successfully take the next step."

Spencer Carlson

Science Tutor

Spencer has Bachelor's degrees in Biology, Health & Exercise Science and Nursing. With years of experience tutoring college science courses including biology, chemistry and anatomy & physiology, he enjoys making science both interesting and understandable. In addition to tutoring, he also works as a Registered Nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn.

"Science (especially chemistry) gets a bad rap, but it's useful stuff. I can finally read what's in that candy bar!"

Our mission is to deliver individualized tutoring to prepare students for success both today and in the future.