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Our Tutoring Services

Tutoring sessions now available in-person in Lincoln Park, MI or online via Zoom. Zoom features include video tutoring sessions, screen sharing capabilities, and a virtual whiteboard that both tutor and student can use.


Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus

English as a Second Language

Basic language skills, academic language assistance, conversational English practice, TOEFL preparation


Basic to advanced high school courses, conversational language practice

Test Preparation

ACT, SAT preparation (All subjects), PSAT, TOEFL preparation 


Chemistry, Physics


Essay and research paper assistance

All private tutoring is $50 / hour.

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We have been very pleased having Mrs. Lydia Carlson as a tutor for our Junior High Student. Our son is normally not one to seek out help but he really enjoys getting academic help from Mrs. Carlson. She is very flexible with her schedule and we've been able to schedule help sessions even for the following day. Our son has been getting much better grades in math since he started his tutoring with her.

-Stephanie, parent

Carlson Tutoring worked with me to give me the tools I needed to successfully apply and work for a bilingual law office. Lydia created an individualized Spanish program specifically designed for my personal goals. She helped me practice my conversation skills and incorporated words and phrases that were applicable to my field of work.

-Clarissa, graduate school student